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Our Frames

We believe everyone should have great-looking, high-quality eyewear and the ability to buy it as simply as possible - without having to take out a second mortgage or rob a bank!

All eyedoo frames are handcrafted using the finest materials and produced to exacting standards in the same factories used by well known ‘designer’ brands.

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is uncompromising, using only Hand Polished Acetates and Top Quality Metals.

Our frame styles start as simple drawings which experienced designers then elaborate on to allow our craftsman to create initial prototypes. Once we have a winner we choose from a vast array of colour options and fine-tune to create eyewear that is both beautiful and practical (it’s no good at all if it looks a million dollars but is uncomfortable to wear).

If you want to spend a lot of money just to wear a ‘logo’ then we are not the brand for you. The fact is that many of the top names nowadays spend so much on the brand license and marketing that there’s little left for the actual product.

We’re confident that our quality and styling are as good as those bigger names but if you still want to spend perhaps hundreds of pounds more for the same look then maybe you’ll think of us when you need a second, or third, or fourth pair…

By cutting out the middlemen and expensive branding when you purchasing eyedoo glasses you can be sure you’re getting a great look at great value - and all from the convenience of your home or workplace.