Supporting Vision Care

Virtual Try On

Our Virtual Try-on allows you to see any of our frames or sunglasses on either your own face or the face of one of our models. Just follow these simple instructions:

Step 1

Click on the "try on" button. The frame is now shown on one of our models. You can change the model by clicking on the camera button () and selecting the required model.

Step 2

Provide your own image. This can be a front view image or an image of your face taken from an angle of less than 30 degrees (sometimes even greater angles still work well)

After clicking on the camera button (), you have the choice of uploading your image ( PICTURE) or taking a picture of yourself with the camera function ( CAMERA).

Once your picture is provided our system will calculate all the necessary data in order to position the frame correctly on your face. If you want to remove your picture, then you just need to click on the remove button () on the top right-hand side of your picture. Your picture is only stored in your browser.

Step 3 (optional)

If necessary, you can adjust the position of the frame. To do this you need to click on the "adjust your frame" button (). Next, a collection of buttons will appear that allow you to change the size and position of your frame in 3D.

Step 4 (optional)

Share your try on image with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest by clicking on the share button ()